About KCL

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KCL is an R&D performing SME and a specialst in tailor-made hydraulic products for cranes and other equipment on ships and offshore installations. 

Founded in 1906 and headquarter in Norway, KCL have more than 30 years of experience as an eqipment vendor for different industries including offshore, shipping, fisheries, agriculture and construction. KCL has 74 employees , highly skilled people with work experience in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, business economics, sales & marketing and administration. About 10% are devoted to research and development(R&D). KCL has a marketing and sales team of 13 employees for Europe. 

KCL's key activities are the production and installation of hydraulic aggregates for the use on ships, offshore installations or land based as well as the import and supply of industry  equipment such as lifting equipment, industry snakes and valves or membrane pumps.

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