The idea behind YawSTOP was conceived when KCL Chairman Thor Jegard was invited onboard a supply vessel some ten years ago.

He received an invitation to join a supply vessel operating in the North Sea for a whole week. Working in the supply industry, he was eager to see the operations offshore and experience them first hand. – It’s important for all of us working onshore, to experience how life offshore really is, says Jegard.

One of the things that caught his attention was how time and labor consuming the lifting of cargo on and off was. – All lifts involved extreme amounts of planning to reduce risk, personnel controlling the cargo on the supply vessel deck and on the rig, and still the cargo bumped into the hulls. I was impressed by the skill of those handling it, but at the same time surprised that the technology was old fashioned, says Jegard.

At that moment, the idea of YawSTOP was born. – I knew we could solve this in a safer and more efficient manner, using our competence to develop new technology. Now I’m very happy to see that the product is ready for market, and to create better days