Offshore cranes

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The main application of YawSTOP is loading and unloading cargo for offshore cranes. Operations such as storage or moving cargo within limited space of an offshore vessel, are time consuming and involve a ground crew working together with the crane operator to line up the cargo into the designated area. The ground crew uses the tag lines for positioning the cargo. This work is risky for operators due to the required precision of positioning of heavy parts. Tight spaces and required stability of lifting operations add up to risk of operations.

The number of blind zones and limited possibilities to visually inspect operations, results in a reduced safety factor for personnel and cargo as well. Weather conditions are of great importance to ensure safety operations.

Benefits with YawSTOP:

  • Tag lines removal lowers risk for staff injuries.
  • Fully automated lifting operations remotely controlled by one operator.
  • Increase efficiency of the process, by reducing the operational time for lifting and loading cargo and goods, leading towards a saving on time and costs.
  • Reduced number of workers within dangerous areas, leading to an increase of work safety.
  • Less weather dependent operation, leading to improvements in logistic planning due to less delays caused by environmental conditions.
  • Environmental benefits, by decreasing CO2 and Sulphur emissions.