Lifting with YawSTOP reduces risks, saves time and money. It makes your lifting operations more efficient, allowing a better work flow for the rest of the work.


You make your lifting operations safer

YawSTOP gives the operator full control of the yaw in all lifting operations. The need for people with tag lines, walking on the deck to control the cargo disappears. It is a great step in the direction of safer lifting of suspended cargo, whether offshore or onshore. YawSTOP reduces HSE-risk, and allows the lifting operation to be remote controlled by one, skilled operator.


You save time

Lifting suspended cargo with YawSTOP requires up to 45 percent less time than traditional lifting operations. Planning takes less time, and you are in full control of the rotation from the first second of the operation. Lower risk in lifting operations also widens the weather window open for lifting operations.


You save money

YawSTOP reduces the cost of each lifting operation with up to 50 %. The operations require fewer people involved, and takes less time. On top of this, the reduced risk also reduces insurance costs.

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